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Is a natural fiber of vegetable origin whose main characteristics are its soft texture and high level of moisture absorption (when wet it can retain 50% of its weight in water). It is possibly the most widespread produced fiber, due to its versatility, natural comfort and high resistance to extreme conditions of cleaning and conservation. The quality of cotton fabric is distinguished by the quality of the fiber and by the enriched processes of weaving and finishing.
Natural comfort and high strength when exposed to extreme cleaning conditions.


Impetus, a leading specialist in natural fibers, incorporates the following in all its fabrics produced in cotton:
1) ‘anti-pilling´ treatment, to increase resistance to the development of pilling;
2) knitting techniques where different degrees of loop stretching force are used, with the aim of diminishing the natural tendency of cotton fabric of losing its shape after repeated washings. This is why Impetus fabrics keep their original shape for longer.

Natural fibre extracted from wood, which has high absorption power and moisture transport. Anti-bacterial properties. The colours are always impeccable, wash after wash.
Modal stands out for its cool touch and for the gloss the garments have, bringing together the best of both worlds: the softness to the touch of cotton and its impeccable appearance and easy use, which is usually the main virtue of synthetic fibers. An extremely luxurious fabric, it’s cool to the touch, absorbent and similar in texture to silk or cotton. Unlike cotton, however, it is resistant to shrinkage and less likely to fade or spill.

Synthetic fibres of organic origin, polyamide or polyester main characteristics are high durability, elasticity and lightness, good dimensional stability, it does not crease, dries quickly, and has resistant colours, often chosen for multi-coloured models. Garments made from a polyamide or polyester base are practical and easy to care for, ideal for their versatility, softness to the touch and comfort.

Viscose has an extremely high level of moisture absorption (up to 90%), making it a top performer regarding perspiration absorption. Also, viscose does not rub, thereby avoiding the undesired effects of friction of material on skin.

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The combination of viscose and cotton gives a mesh with greater humidity absorption capacity, excellent resistance and that always looks impeccable (no wrinkling).

The use of an S and Z twist yarn avoids distortions. The result is a fabric that does not deform as easily and does not twist after washing.

Double face knitted in coton and polyester. The exterior in cotton offer a soft touch. Inside, the card in polyester offers a true area of thermal insulation.

Flannel - a soft woven fabric composed of cotton. Very cosy and warm.

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