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Impetus has a wide range of underwearnightwear and beachwear products and also specific lines for women and children.
IMPETUS Essentials
Presents timeless articles that are not only ideal to wear daily, but are also comfortable and easy to care because of the excellence of the materials used.
Such as in man lines, Impetus Junior colection for boys from 4 to 12 years old, present all the quality, comfort and fashion.

Developed with a technology that regulates moisture and perspiration.
  • Airflow380º high-ventilation technical underwear, ideal for the challenges of playing sport or an active lifestyle.Focused on ventilating the body, with fully perforated fabric.

  • AirFlow Ergomic high-support technical underwear, ideal for when you test your limits playing sport or in an active lifestyle. Focused on support and on zones that perspire most, reinforced with perforated panels.

IMPETUS Performance
Includes in its range the  Thermo and Innovation line.
  • THERMO: Is a High-tech line for man, woman and child.This line insulates the body temperature by reducing the dangers of excessive cooling caused by low temperatures. With Thermo, the body breathes and naturally regulates its own temperature, protecting itself and producing a sensation of wellbeing. The adaptability of the item is guaranteed by using elastane in its composition. Besides being a high-tech, high-performance fibre, it has a natural feel similar to cotton. Ideal for Winter.

  • INNOVATION: The first line of underwear made with natural plant fibres, cotton and viscose, associated to thermo-regulating properties of Outlast® Adaptive Comfort. Innovation underwear stores excess body heat to re-distribute it in case of need, providing ideal and constant temperature and moisture conditions, close to the skin, avoiding the discomfort of sudden temperature changes, whether hot or cold. This technology was developed by NASA as a solution to minimize the effect of constant temperature fluctuations in space.