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IMPETUS believes and recognises that its performance on the market is not focused only on economic activity. IMPETUS plays its role as a member of a set of duties, obligations and commitments towards all the specific interest groups that depend on their activity: its shareholders, its employees, suppliers, customers, competitors, media, Government, unions and special interest groups. In this way, IMPETUS, believes that the achievement of its long-term goals is necessarily based on strict compliance with the highest standards of ethical conduct.


IMPETUS believes that the daily concerns have to be based on a strong sense of social responsibility and ethics and awareness of the impacts of its activity.


The SA 8000 standard arose in 1997 by Social Accountability International – SAI.


Its structure is based on the 12 OIT Conventions – International Labour Organization, in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The SA 8000 is oriented to increasing the competitive capacity of any organization which voluntarily guarantees the ethical component of its process and production cycle, predicting the appropriateness to the national legislation and the fulfilment of its nine keys areas:

  • Child labour;
  • Forced Labour;
  • Health and Safety;
  • Freedom of Association and collective bargaining;
  • Discrimination;
  • Disciplinary Practices;
  • Working hours;
  • Compensation;
  • Management systems.