Tank Top Innovation

Designed for astronauts by Outlast, adapted by Impetus for you. Ideal for people who are exposed to different temperatures in their daily lives. With microcapsules that act as thermoregulators you will feel comfortable all day and all year round.

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Colors: BLACK

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- Tank Top from the line Innovation.
- Innovation is made with natural plant fibres, cotton and viscose, together with the heatregulating property of Outlast® Adaptive Comfort®.
- This technology was developed for NASA to protect astronauts against the extreme changes in temperature in space.
- Innovation stores excess body heat to re-distribute it in case of need, providing ideal and constant temperature and moisture conditions, close to the skin, avoiding the discomfort of sudden temperature changes.
- Made in Portugal.

Composition: 57% Cotton + 38% Viscose + 5% Elastane

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