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  • 1. Personal Data

    The user authorizes Impetus Retail, Lda in order to treat the personal data provided by purchase order, in particular, the use of cookies.

    In compliance with Law No. 67/98 of October 26 Law on Protection of Personal Data, the user may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation of their data.

    You can access and modify your data at any time visiting "My Account" menu.

  • 2. Intellectual Property

    All elements of the sites and, images, text or sound, including the technology used are the exclusive property of Impetus Retail, Lda.

  • 3. Applicable Law

    Presented to the Terms and Conditions apply to the Portuguese law, governed by the District Court of Lisbon, rejecting any other jurisdiction.

  • 4. What is the privacy policy

    The privacy policy is intended to inform the method of treatment and protection of personal information provided online.
    Any change to the privacy policy of or will be available on this site

    For any further clarification, please contact us:
    a) writing, to Impetus Retail, Lda, care of Loja Online - Estrada da praia, N. 1755, 4740-696 Barqueiros Barcelos
    b) via e-mail to [email protected]

  • 5. What are the data collected and what the intended purpose

    The data collected is intended to be analyzed for decision and management of services provided, as well as direct marketing.
    Information on the date of birth is for the promotion "birthdays" and to send postcard greetings.

    Impetus informs that the answer to some questions (except the date of birth) are required, otherwise the client may not be part of the online store database and therefore not benefit from any of the campaigns and special offers maintained periodically.

    Data provided is confidential and not shared with other entities.

  • 6. Identification of the entity responsible for processing the data

    The controller of the data collected is Impetus Retail, Lda, Rua da Fabrica, Nr. 45, 4740-141 Apúlia Barcelos

  • 7. Security

    Despite Impetus Retail, Lda attempt to collect and treat data safely and prevent their loss or manipulation, there are reports that data transmitted on open networks can be intercepted by unauthorized third parties.
    Data transmission over the Internet is never completely safe, there may be third parties trying to intercept or access your information, so data transmission is the responsibility of the submitter.

  • 8.Cookies

    For this site to function properly, we can place small data files on your device, known as cookies.
    This feature allows the website to remember your settings - language, shopping cart, products viewed, font size and other preferences relating to how the store will appear on your computer - so you do not have to reset them each time you visit us. and use cookies. Our cookies are not used to personally identify you, are only used so that the site work better for you.
    Impetus Retail Ltd does not use cookies for other purposes besides those presented here and will never use them to collect any personal information or for any other purpose.

  • 9. How to change or delete my personal data

    The user has the right to access, modify or cancel their private data. This right can be exercised through the following means:
    a) in writing, to Impetus Retail, Lda, care of Loja Online – Estrada da Praia, Nr. 1755, 4740-696 Barqueiros Barcelos
    b) via e-mail to [email protected]